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hi every body

I don't know where do you live and what's your nationality, my name is Mehrdad and my family is Zandi, and I'm looking for a good and kind mother and father in law who accept me as their adopted son. If you are interested to know more about me, I should say that: I was born in Feb 5th of 1972.

May be you ask me why did I announce this advertise at the age of 33 and look for mother and father in law at this age?.

May be you think that I should announce some advertises about finding a love, or some one for marriage who is young, kind, beautiful, artistic, educated, famous, super star and rich.

The answer is: I got ……… in 1993 from the neck, in an accident when I was a soldier, and from that time, I'm  a bulbar paralysis and got disabled, I just can move my left hand and my head, and you admit that in this materialistic world, just the kindness of a mother and father can accept a disabled person like me.

May be you think that why do I have such a request?, or don't I owe any salary for spending my life?, and …

Sure, I have a very kind and honorable relatives who care for me in the best way all the time, specially during these years.

But unfortunately I live in a country whose governors classified (divided)  people to related ( familiar) and unrelated citizens and to the first, second, third .. class ones. I live in Iran, and here the governors just try to protect their own investments and profits and the ones who are related to them.

I complained for owing my right to every one and anywhere in my country. I wrote that: when I was a soldier  ( I should mention that military service is compulsory in Iran), I was working in an armsment's military factory in a defence industry organization for 22 months and it was a big help in promoting fighting power of my country, I  تراشكاري كردن of more than 1500 gun-barred, mortar andميني كاتيوشا by advanced equipments of CNC and for a long time I was working in QC (quality control) which is a sensitive part, I did my best during that time, but when I was in an off day, that accident happened to me, and I got disabled, the governors didn’t pay any attention to me and behave me as a good for nothing person, and throw me away like a tissue paper, I got no result after complains.

It's more than two years that I present my writings in my 2 blogs in Farsi language whit the title of : getting familiar with a …قطع نخاع.. disabled, in these weblogs I write about my experiences during this disability and what I learned by try and error to be able to cope with my needs and problems (like getting on the wheelchair or the car, taking a bath or making water توالت رفتن, what to eat and all suitable points to help a disable one like me), also I mentioned about my problems and complains many times and asked the governors to attend and investigate about that, but I got no answer yet.

It's not because no one pay any attention to Internet and my writings, in this country the governors have a strict control on Internet and it's subjects and the authors, many blogers have been arrested because of their complains (may be I'll be the next one), in this country, just the governors and their rights must be honored, and the rest of the nation are nothing to them, and this is the reason why I distributed this advertise.

Please do not judge me in a wrong way, I'm not looking for  your money and your coins.

Now, after several years of tolerating this injustice, I feel tired, I used internet as a world wide tool which is a world court with international jury, to announce my complains of the injustice that I faced, and my lost hope and wishes for future and a normal life (welfare, honor, fairness and social justice).

I hope your spiritual support will be a cure to my painful heart, it's me, a young person who tolerated 8 years of  the spiritual and home destructive war from 1981 to 1989, which covers the best years of my life, I spent my youth with the aid of wheelchair and suffering a big spiritual and bodily pains because of having no hope to a clear future.

And because all of these problems, I asked people of the world to help me now, do you accept me as your adopted son?

Please send me a reply even in some words or short sentences, write me what you feel or what you like and send it to my address: P.O.Box 13895/136, Tehran, Iran.

Be sure that your writing will be the biggest wealth of the world to me, I'm waiting for your messages.

The distribution of this letter is free to all.


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